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Coopita is PROUD to announce our PLASTIC SWAP, in partnership with  Aarohana Eco Social Development, a social enterprise in Pune, India that works with tribal women who weave plastic bags into beautiful fabrics and transform them into  functional lifestyle products.

It's the PERFECT solution to taking your excess plastic bags (read ALL of them!) out of circulation, FOREVER!

We launched our campaign at Green Is The New Black on 1 October at the Park Royal Hotel, earlier this year and were overwhelmed by the response we got.

We completely swapped out all the products we had brought for our trial run. 

We also had the lovely Lynelle Barett demonstrate how plastic could be woven into fabric, using her tabletop loom.

How it works

Swappers can bring their plastic bags on collection days prior to the swap event or during the swap day itself. There is a Swap Fee that is tiered, based on the number of bags swapped. Depending on the number of bags a swapper brings, they are given Coopita points. On the Swap day, they can take home a product that corresponds to the points they have and the number of bags they swapped. 

(i)Upto 10 bags:  $20 and 1 point

(ii) 11-20 bags - $ 25 and 2  points

(iii) 21- 35 bags - $ 30 and 3 points

(iii) 35- 60 bags - $ 40  and 4 points

(iv) 60-80 bags - $50 and 5 points

Here is a sneak preview of some the awesome products you could bring home with you, instead of accumulating a harmful pile of plastic grocery bags!

Laptop Bag

Yoga mat covers

Upcoming Plastic Swaps

Coopita X Swapaholics Holiday Swap @ Liang Court – 2 December 2017

For more information, drop us a message on our Facebook Page, Instagram  or shoot an email to naomijacob@coopita.com