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Laptop Case with Ulap Doyo handwoven fabric in mocha

SGD29.00 In stock (5 available)

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  • Indonesia
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  • Australia and New Zealand

Product Description

Ulap doyo is made from the leaf of the doyo plant (Curculigo latifolia). The Doyo leaves are harvested in a sustainable manner with only mature leaves of one meter in length being taken.

Doyo fiber is produced through an intricate and lengthy process. The leaves are washed, shredded and connected making long strands of fiber then rolled into balls of yarn before they are then woven by means of a hand loom.

The strands or woven cloths are dyed in different colors or designed with local motifs.

Item Specifications

Product TypeBags
PriceSGD 29.00
Availability In stock (5 available)
Country of OriginIndonesia
Size Range 38 x 28 cm
Material Ulap Doyo handwoven fabric, canvas
Colours Available Mocha, black

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