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Dasavatharam Wooden Tray

SGD40.00 In stock (3 available)

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Product Description

Ethniichic presents Incarnate, a celebration of enchanting narratives of Hindu mythology

This Incarnate renders the Dashavatara tale, the humbling manifestation of Lord Vishnu in both animal and human forms, for restoring cosmic order and liberation

Depicted in Pattachitra style, the sleek tray rolls out fascinating forms, in vivid colours, characteristic expressions and intricate patterns, which emanate a restorative warmth

As you ponder over a coffee for things held up, Incarnate steps in to unfold this mesmerising narrative, of the vigilant caregiver who springs to help, in time.

Incarnate, is repositioned on medium density engineered wood, with decoupage paper, set in clear coat lacquor and is made with love.

Beautiful and tempting enough to snatch one for you or for a perfect gift for your loved ones. Petite enough to hold four coffee mugs.

Item Specifications

Product TypeTrays and Serving Platters
PriceSGD 40.00
Availability In stock (3 available)
Country of OriginIndia
Size 15.5″x 5″x 1.5″
Material Engineered Medium-density wood
Colour(s) Red, yellow ochre, blue

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EthniiChic Karnataka, India

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