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Cleopatra Hand & Body Lotion

SGD19.00 In stock (20 available)

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Product Description

The benefits of goat milk aren’t a recent discovery.  Cleopatra, known for her amazing skin, bathed in tubs of pure goat milk. Goat milk with it's abundance of cream actually feeds the skin and permeates through the cell walls making it a highly effective skin moisturiser. The fat molecule content (cream) present in Goat milk not only moisturises, but also has ANTI-INFLAMMATORY properties that soothe itching caused by skin irritations, rashes and dry skin. It also works well on Bug Bites!

Volume: 120 ml

Item Specifications

Product TypeBody product
PriceSGD 19.00
Availability In stock (20 available)
Country of OriginIndia
Volume (ml or grammes) 120

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