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Meeting Desmond Anabrang from Red Lotus Jogja was one of our sourcing team's most fortuitous moments in the journey to setting up Coopita.

Our sourcing team booked a lovely Air BnB room (shout out to Aldy and Emmy!) in Jogjakarta.  Aldy, the host, himself a talented artist and maker, insisted that we meet his friend Desmond first. Not really knowing what to expect, we wandered into Brahma Tirta Sari, the most amazing batik studio - where we met Desmond. We spoke for an hour then; we absolutely loved his idea for Red Lotus Jogja and knew it belonged on Coopita.

Check out our interview with Red Lotus Jogja below and discover their amazing products on Coopita!

What inspired the creation of Red Lotus?

Red Lotus was inspired by a community of artists, artisans, and designers who believe that working together enhances creative options. By developing crafts as art objects made within a cultural context, those involved use this community as a portion of their survival package as creative people. It was founded also with the intention of creating a bridge between indigenous craft knowledge and contemporary art practice. 

Red Lotus is a division of the non profit organization Babaran Segaragunung Culture House.  Red Lotus is a brand for a community of artists, artisans and designers  that has an economic base rooted in culture.  The brand of Red Lotus is a collaborative community that has supported the  collaboration of artists, craftspeople and designers since 2003 by attempting to work in a way that  is positive for society and the environment by supporting, nurturing, and, enriching creative connections.

The idea of Red Lotus came out of a belief that creativity is one way to improve oneself through a cultural commitment.  Creativity is central to the development of Red Lotus.  This is because Red Lotus sees the creative process as a universal language that is accessible to every person without any exception.

Do your products reflect any cultural values?

In our work, we honor the cultural heritage of the traditions which have been nurtured and grown out of the Indonesian culture. These traditions are our master teacher and lead us in an ever expanding journey of exploration of the medium.

About the creative process:

These crafts as art objects are made  with care in a creative process that is a playground of ideas and aesthetics in a ever evolving transformation. So in the end these products reflect the spirit of exploration and curiosity that is ever unfolding in response to the materials.

As a community of artists, artisans, and designers, we see  that the dynamic nature of creativity is the source of development of new ideas and products. This dynamism is nurtured by an open exchange and respect for the capacities and initiatives of those involved in the creative process. 

What are the techniques and mediums commonly used by the Red Lotus community?

Red Lotus products are made with hand crafted techniques and a wide variety of mediums with the highest quality of materials, intended for durability. These include batik and hand stitched objects. 

Cant wait to get your hands on a Red Lotus' creation? Shop for their products at Red Lotus Store!