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Dipti and Dipna are sisters and co-founders of ‘Love the World Today’ - a sustainable and ethical clothing line for children. Their childhood in Mumbai, India has a great influence on their work.

“We believe that childhood should not be rushed. Ours was an unhurried one full of carefree somersaults, unending hula-hoops, bedtime stories and conversations with the moon. Even though we are very different individuals and come from different professional worlds - Dipti comes from a 11 year strong background in Market Research and I am an educator and dance artist - somewhere the essence of our growing up years acts as a common thread and seeps into everything we do.”

Read more about this exciting brand and it’s founders below and check out their stunning collection here on Coopita. We guarantee that you will wish they had a line for adults too!

The Co-founders

Let’s start at the very beginning…

The inspiration to start ‘Love the World Today’ (“LTWT”) struck 2-3 years ago. Dipti is a mother to a 4 year old and always struggled with shopping for her little one. Her needs were great quality, child friendly fabrics and design. Dipna on the other hand was working as a theatre educator and doing a whole unit on trash management. During her research, she looked into how the fashion industry works. So even though the sisters had separate journeys and questions, their search led them to question their consumption habits. They came to a realization that there was a serious void for a homegrown Indian label for children that focused on sustainability from the point of view of environment, people and labour involved.

Clothes that evoke the best things about childhood

The sisters set out to make clothes that let little ones be little; clothes that were about big smiles, soiled feet and a general sense of life that felt right. ‘Love the World Today’ just seemed perfect as a brand name. It’s positive, it speaks about loving and caring for the world around you and it emphasizes the urgency to do it now!

All the collections and designs are inspired by their childhood. There’s always a memory or childhood association attached to it. Their first collection, ‘Once Upon a Cotton Cloud’ was all about cloud gazing. The second, ‘The Winter Sun’ was about that warm spot on winter days. The third, a sleepwear collection called ‘Bedtime Stories’ was a tribute to their father. Their most recent collection, ‘Dear Japan’ pays homage to Japan, a country both sisters dream of visiting.

In Dipna’s words – “Simply put, we create. We create designs. We create clothes. We create experiments. We create an environment for work. We create a value system in the processes at ‘Love the World Today’. We create joy for ourselves. We create!! Oh, and we also collaborate.”

Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration

LTWT has collaborated with an interesting bunch of entrepreneurs running exciting social businesses. The clothes come with a seed paper that can be grown into a plant, simply because they want children to understand the value of nurturing and caring as early as possible. Their packaging too is also made from 100% recycled hotel linen. All accessories are made by up-cycling LTWT fabric off-cuts.

Up-cycled hair-tyes

Oh! And yes, once your children outgrow an LTWT outfit, you can send them back to the team so they can donate the ones in good condition and up-cycle the remaining.

Biggest learnings

The sisters discovered more about who they were as people and what ‘business’ means to them personally. For starters, they realized that it would impossible to run Love The World Today without a strongly rooted sense of purpose.

“Our vision is very clear. We want to be a sustainable and ethical Indian make label with an honest product. We want consumers to re-think and question each consumption choice they make. We want people to shop responsibly. It all leads to a lifestyle and a mindset change and that’s the challenge we have taken up. We want to influence buying choices.” - Dipna

They also gained the confidence that it is absolutely possible to run a social but for-profit business that is ethical and delivers a sustainable and honest product.

Another huge learning for them was that when you truly question and understand how clothes are made; from the involvement of a cotton farmer to a weaver to the dyeing processes to interacting with the garment makers, you realize how big an impact what we choose to wear and consume has on the world around us.


“I’d say don’t care about creating something that people like or demand. Create something that ‘you’ genuinely want to create because then you’re sharing something honest. When you’re selling your work, you’re sharing a part of who you are with the world. And that is something that you should always remember.

But that said and done, there are ups and downs. It is essential to have a drive, and a readiness to accept failure and kick-start each time you fail. It is a steady but uphill journey where you are trying to grasp so many new things on the way and growing as an individual at the same time.” – Dipna

We leave you with these wise words. Do check out LTWT’s fabulous collection right here on Coopita.