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Our sourcing team in India met Paarisha at a craft fair in Bangalore and fell in love with the collection on display. 

Paarisha means pursuer of artistic expression, and it started as an outlet for jewelry designer Chinanshu Sharma's creativity. Today Chinanshu's venture has grown to an all women team that is passionate about handcrafted jewellery.  

Read about founder Chinanshu Sharma's foray into jewellery design and her vision for Paarisha. Check out her amazing jewellery collection here.

"At our studio the key driving words are newness and experimentation."

-Chinanshu Sharma

First Forays...

"It was something I always knew- handcrafted jewellery is what I wanted to make. The process is so meditative and fulfilling. It is like you are pouring your soul into something."

Chinanshu calls herself a "boring banker turned designer" but her vibrant and unforgettable pieces belies this claim. During a sabbatical from her banking career, Chinanshu enrolled in a jewellery design course. On completing this, she knew the career she wanted to have and took the plunge to start Paarisha.

No one who is boring could have dreamed up this charming piece!

A day in the life and Chinanshu's secret sauce

A typical day for her today starts with designing, playing and experimenting with material. "That's always the good part that sets the tone for the day," says Chinanshu. Then she looks after clients that visit her showroom in Bangalore, looks into orders for customised pieces and finally gets down to answering her emails and clearing her backlog of calls. 

Chinanshu works with a variety of materials from yarns and threads from materials like silk, banana fiber, raffia, glass and traditional metals such as silver. As mentioned in a article on Paarisha in the East Coast Desi blog, Chinanshu's techniques are a strong reflection of her fascination for baskets and other weaves. Quoting Chinanshu, “To me, jewelry making is very meditative, and imbibing weaves into it helps make it more intricate and beautiful! I believe baskets are a very universal product, and every culture and every region has its own signature basket that is made from indigenous material- locally grown grass, weeds, gourds, fiber, dyes, etc. using the unique weaves of the region. I’d like to learn, experiment and reinterpret that in my own way to create a Paarisha trinket.”


Where to from here

Chinanshu's vision is to have more women working with Paarisha. Apart from expanding her team, she would like to see her brand gaining traction farther across the globe. The biggest challenge for Chinanshu to achieve this vision, as with many young enterprises, has been hiring and getting the right talent on board. 

Her biggest learning as an entrepreneur is the importance of being able to think in many directions - multi-tasking and switching between diverse fields. This strength should Chinanshu in good stead in acheiving her vision to take Paarisha global!

We love the fact that every Paarisha piece has a story behind it and is one of a kind. Check out this fantastic collection of jewellery right here on Coopita.