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The Co-Founders

A passion to support creative enterprise inspired Singapore-based entrepreneur Isaac Lian to create Coopita, a platform dedicated to creating and sustaining a livelihood for Asian artisans. Isaac brings with him his experience from founding a retail furniture store and a B2C mobile application in partnership with Codigo, to oversee Coopita’s consumer outreach efforts.

Naomi manages Coopita’s sourcing operations. Working with the Monetary Authority of Singapore in capital markets regulation for almost five years gave Naomi hands-on experience in stakeholder management and project implementation, which stand her in good stead for her role at Coopita.

Mayur is responsible for business planning and execution at Coopita. Mayur’s experience in investments, turnarounds, corporate strategy and being part of early stage ventures helps Coopita in aligning the business needs with the vision of Coopita.


Our curators

Arushi Chowdhury Khanna is our Curator at Large and is based in Kuala Lumpur. Arushi's love for the rare and fast-vanishing textile traditions of the world has taken her everywhere--from remote hamlets in India to the Hmong tribes of Vitenam. Most recently, she led the Mubarakpur Weaves Revival Project that revived the vanishing brocade weaving technique of Mubarakpur in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (India). The project was recognized as a Case Study at the UNESCO Workshop on Sustainable Development of Traditional Craftsmanship in Shenzhen. She has also been visiting faculty at the STF, Zurich where she delivered a module on Eco-friendly Textile Dyes of India. Arushi has previously helped establish the sourcing teams for two e-commerce handicraft sites in India. She is excited about discovering new textiles and other unique crafts from Thailand, Laos and Vietnam for Coopita.