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Coopita is a global platform created for craftsmen and artisans based in Asia. We work on enhancing the capabilities of artisan communities working on craft preservation across Asia. We recognize an unfulfilled global demand for creative and unique products created by makers from Asia. This spurred us to develop Coopita; a platform bridging the demand and supply and bringing you upclose with the makers through their stories, journeys and their visions.

We are strong advocates of supporting local and social enterprises. As a team of young Asian entrepreneurs, this endeavour is close to our hearts. We believe handmade quality products that often represent traditions and culture from remote parts of Asia deserves a dedicated platform in an e-commerce market flooded with mass-manufactured merchandise.

Consumers benefit as they buy products directly from makers.

  • We curate products to ensure uncompromising quality: our focus is on the story behind the product
  • The transaction cost levied by Coopita is significantly lower than most retail outlets for handmade products

What We Want to Achieve

Harnessing the power of e-Commerce, we want to empower Asian craftsmen and artisans to celebrate and showcase their uniqueness. Selective merchants will be featured on our platform to showcase their unique products to the world.

Coopita's platform currently connects Asian artisans to a global consumer base. We also offer B2B services between our artisans (such as wholesale orders for raw materials) and to corporates working towards sustainability, thereby creating strong forward and backward market linkages to sustain their livelihoods.

Check out this video to find out more about our mission: